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The PodKastle

Friday, August 1, 2014

New Site!

Welcome to the new site for everything PodKastle related! This is going to be designed as an easy one-stop location for anything we put out, whether it's the PodKastle podcast, written articles, maybe even videos (?!), and anything else we come up with. Below will be the links to our first 7 episodes (released before the creation of this page), and following episodes should automatically post on here. You can also use the links to the right to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and even subscribe to the podcast through iTunes!

Click "Read More" for links to download each episode (you can click the name of the episode to link to the Libsyn page), or just search for "The PodKastle" on iTunes!

Episode 1 - Welcome to the Kastle!
"Welcome to Episode 1 of The PodKastle! In this episode, Ray and Reuben talk a bit about their histories in hobby gaming, go over what you, the listeners, can expect from this show, and discuss the resurgence of the popularity of tabletop games in recent years."

Episode 2 - Ted Alspach & iOS Games
In this episode of The PodKastle, Ray and Reuben talk with special guest Ted Alspach, designer of popular games such as Suburbia and One Night Ultimate Werewolf, about a few of his upcoming titles, and the three of them give their opinions about iOS/mobile versions of board games!

Episode 3 - Trials & Tribulations of Tabletop Gaming Media
In this episode, Reuben and Ray have Drew Sizemore from The 40k Hobbiest blog on the show to discuss the difficulties they have faced getting into tabletop gaming media, as well as provide some insight into how to overcome those difficulties for anyone interested in trying. They also talk a little about some of the games they've played lately, and at the end of the show they answer questions mailed in by a few loyal listeners.

Episode 4 - Co-op Games
In this episode, Reuben and Ray discuss co-op games: what they are, what the different types are, and some examples of each. They also briefly talk about the upcoming Deadlands TV series, some new versions of Bang! currently in development, and announce the first PodKastle Contest!

Episode 5 - Protospiel Special Part 1
In this episode, Reuben and Ray are LIVE at the Protospiel being held at Game Kastle in Santa Clara. They chat with designers, distributors, and other attendees about games that are in different stages of development, as well as various other topics.

Below are the time stamps for each individual interview-

Aldo Ghiozzi- 2:20
Brandon Raasch- 12:20
Chris Castagnetto- 24:40
Hank & Matt- 33:22
Kevin Nunn- 38:07
Seth Jaffee- 50:20
Jeff Cornelius- 1:04:05
Andrew Heim- 1:12:48
Ted Alspach- 1:18:35

Episode 6 - Protospiel Special Part 2
This is the second half (yes, half, we didn't actually split it into 3 episodes) of the Protospiel Special! We have 6 great interviews lined up for you in this one, so sit back and enjoy!
Richard Bliss (Funding the Dream)- 1:31
Tiffany Ralph (TheOneTAR)- 15:40
Toni Alspach (Bezier Games)- 25:04
Jonathan King (Sarcastic Robot) & Andrew Federspiel (Knapsack Games)- 36:35
Scott Caputo (Voluspa)- 46:20
Jeremy Commandeur- 56:48

Episode 7 - Teaching Games
In this episode, Reuben and Ray discuss KublaCon, the new DnD, announce the WINNER of the mascot naming contest, and talk a little about how they teach games to new players!

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